Linical Site Training Academy

Linical’s Site Training Academy is a comprehensive and personalized program designed to educate physicians and their staff new to research. This program provides the tools and support necessary for trainees to become knowledgeable, confident, and successful clinical researchers.

The Site Training Academy provides:

  • In-person and remote training and support,
  • Personalized training specific to the needs and experience level of the trainees including training for site coordinators and investigators, with options for a comprehensive entry level curriculum, advanced refresher level trainings, or more tailored solutions,
  • A dedicated site trainer who is available to support throughout the process, and
  • Ongoing mentoring through the entire clinical research project lifecycle.

The Linical Site Training Academy program is superior to similar programs in that we offer an adaptable curriculum and timeframe for completion. Our trainers are dedicated and committed to providing ongoing collaboration and program customization. We work around staff schedules to ensure site coordinator and investigator training does not interfere with clinic duties. And we employ knowledge and skill check assessments along the way to ensure the trainees feel confident and prepared to proceed with each level of the clinical research process. The Linical Site Training Academy also has the capability to customize a curriculum around a specific protocol. This has proven to be a successful approach in onboarding new-to-research therapeutic specialists with access to niche populations.

Sample Training Topics include:

  • Staffing and Study Roles and Responsibilities
  • Storage Requirements
  • Equipment and Supplies
  • Laboratory Requirements and Management
  • Mandatory Training (ICH-GCP), Curriculum Vitaes and Licenses
  • Mandatory Documentation including 1572s, FDFs and SOPs
  • Clinical Research Terminology and Acronyms
  • Protocol Feasibility
  • Site Budgets and Contracts and Confidential Disclosure Agreements
  • Investigator Site File
  • Institutional Review Board Submissions
  • Informed Consent
  • Principal Investigator Oversight
  • Source Documents
  • Subject Recruitment
  • Conducting and Documenting Subject Visits
  • Monitoring Visits (Qualification, Initiation, Interim and Close Out Visits)
The company culture at Linical is dedicated to quality and our team is comprised of experienced and skilled trainers committed to imparting our knowledge to contribute to successful research outcomes for patients. Let us help you become a part of the advancement of science.

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