Patient Engagement Services

The Linical Contact Center is a valuable tool in proactively managing a patient’s journey throughout the duration of a clinical research program. Our contact center services provide many benefits to your clinical trial to streamline study communications, collect necessary follow up information, and securely exchange vital endpoint data. Our team has worked with Pharma companies to provide enhanced recruitment strategies, attain higher retention rates, maintain compliance, surveillance, and safety data collection. As a patient-centric organization, our full-service contact center uses clinically trained specialists. We work seamlessly with clinical sites enrolling patients and the Sponsors or CROs who contract with us. Handling inbound and outbound calling, email traffic and coordinating SMS reminders from patient screening to follow up, the Linical Contact Center operates at a fraction of the cost of having clinical site staff handle similar responsibilities.

Optimizing The Patient Experience

Optimizing the Patient Experience

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Patient Recruitment & Enrollment

The Linical Contact Center Team deploys robust patient recruitment efforts for clinical trials, to get you the right patients in a timely manner.

  1. Acquiring the Target Patient Population
    - Patient recruitment plan development, implementation, and management
    - Study website creation and development
    - Social Media/digital marketing with heat mapping and protocol driven criteria
    - Site advertising materials including the creation of ads for waiting rooms, brochures, etc.
    - Development and implementation of motivational programs (within regulatory guidelines) to promote site participation, strong enrollment, and high-performance
    - Patient pooling recruitment strategies to expedite enrollment

  2. Seamless Delivery of Pre-Qualified Candidates
    - Custom script development to provide a brief program synopsis
    - Questionnaire tailored to candidates based on project inclusion/exclusion criteria
    - Digital record documentation and delivery to site staff for candidates who meet pre-screening conditions

  3. Provide Sites with Tools for Screening Success
    - Appointment scheduling for site staff to decrease management time
    - Communication with active sites for follow up questions
    - Warm transferred calls and follow up emails for appointment confirmations
    - Custom project inbox with ongoing management support
    - SMS reminders to patients prior to appointments

Contact Center Recruitment and Enrollment

Patient Retention & Compliance

Once patients are enrolled in the study, Linical’s Contact Center Team can be contracted to improve patient retention and compliance throughout the program’s duration.

Our strategy:

  • We provide a human element
    - Consistent human interaction with participants enhances compliance and retention
    - Having a human to explain ambiguous or confusing questions to a patient gains better answers and more robust data, therein helping achieve sponsor goals
  • Scheduled contacts encourage study driven adherence
    - Engagement activities are focused on where the patient is in the study life cycle
    - Proactive outreach to patients ensures compliance with study schedule, maintains interest, and reduces research site workload
    - Consistency of outreach messaging improves patient reported outcomes
  • Ongoing compliance management mitigates drop-out
    - Strategies deployed to enhance data integrity and protocol fidelity
    - Contact Center activities are triggered based on patient engagement or lack thereof
    - If compliance drops below a certain threshold, additional outreach activity is triggered
    - Site involvement is employed to reach patients once non-compliance is acknowledged
    - Patient Engagement Solutions data helps enable CRAs to remote monitor, therein reducing site visits and inherent associated costs
  • Analytic reporting for Sponsor metrics
    - Subject outreach reporting, tracking, and trending
    - Understanding lost to follow-up metrics
    - Subject compliance metrics, data trends, and patterns
  • Overall reduction of site burden
    - Higher levels of compliance
    - Patient stipend management
    - Better returns on investigator grants

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