Commercial Support

Linical’s Contact Center partners with clinical companies on the forefront of device deployment and marketing to provide commercial support to consumers. Providing quality and comprehensive support for technical issues, RMA processes, recruitment, and onboarding for these products expands our client’s marketing landscape and assures quality control.

We have a TEAM approach to technical support at the Linical Contact Center.

Contact Center Commercial Support Team


  • Custom inbound/outbound telephony campaigns for technical support and follow up
  • Technical assistance for user issues using client approved materials and guidelines
  • Escalation strategy development utilizing multi-leveled support with timelines
  • Project-specific scripting, consents, email inbox management, and service level agreement


  • Datapoints collected from callers and to identify nature of issue
  • Utilization of client materials to assess issue severity and possible resolution
  • Escalation to Linical Level 2 or Level 3 vendor if unable to resolve with provided reference materials
  • API integration capabilities to streamline case creations and updates


  • Identification and communication of case trending data
  • Validated EDC (electronic data capture) system with audit trail capabilities to ensure quality control within a case life-cycle
  • Management oversight to ensure the best approach to improve the patient experience


  • Resolution responsibilities to provide cohesive end-to-end support for users
  • Communication options for client awareness
  • Robust reporting for risk mitigation and ongoing support strategy
  • Call monitoring for quality assurance and safety compliance

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