Pain Clinical Research

Excelling in Pain and Analgesia Clinical Trials

Linical is an experienced CRO for pain and analgesia research, with strong global capabilities across many pain syndromes and study phases. We play a vital role in progressing clients’ compounds through the drug development process. Due to the suffering pain conditions can cause in patients’ lives, Linical is committed to the advancement of pain clinical research. Linical is your trusted partner wherever in the world you are.

Pain clinical trials present many unique challenges compared to other areas of research. Patient retention can be a major factor in pain and analgesia trials, and subjects drop out for reasons including insufficient pain management/relief, side effects of the medication, use of rescue medication, and the burden of multiple study visits. With high patient drop-out rates, missing data can negatively impact the results of the clinical study.

Our proven experience in trial design and trial strategy help combat these potential pitfalls and prime your program for success. The seasoned team at Linical helps identify the appropriate trial end points, examines alternative trial designs, and advises on ways to simplify assessments and patient burden to reduce drop-outs. Our strong relationships with investigator sites and KOLs help ensure your program gets noticed by the high-quality, high-enrolling sites. We develop extensive training programs for the site staff on each program to promote patient retention and quality data collection, and our experienced clinical monitors help identify any trends with missing data and patient retention early on to easily correct for any potential issues. Our goal is to improve patient completion rates, increase study execution efficiency, and enhance clinical outcomes.

Your Experienced Pain CRO

Linical has worked on numerous pain clinical studies for a wide array of therapies. Our vast work in this space means we understand the complexities of pain and analgesia research, and we can support trials spanning:

  • Acute Pain
  • Cancer-Associated Pain
  • Chronic Pain
  • Neuropathic Pain
  • Osteoarthritis Pain
  • Post-operative Pain

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