Miguel Urrutia, MSc, Vice President, Information Security

Miguel Urrutia Headshot

As Vice President, Information Security of Linical Americas, Miguel Urrutia is responsible for providing strategic and operational leadership regarding the company's Information Security & Technology Operations. Mr. Urrutia oversees information security functions within the company including, protecting, shielding, preventing, monitoring, detecting, and educating the workforce members. Other responsibilities include risk management for customer data, cloud service providers, third-party applications solutions, and internal operations.

Miguel Urrutia received his Masters in Information Technology specializing in Security Management from Colorado Technical University. Mr. Urrutia has substantial global experience in Information Technology and Information Security, and leading international projects.

Miguel Urrutia was trained by the FBI’s CJIS Criminal Justice Information Systems program through the City of Doral police department and a former vetted member of the Miami Electronic Crimes Task Force.