Linical collaborates with the HERO Project to accelerate and advance promising early phase oncology clinical research.

Together, we'll drive cancer research forward.

helping early research in oncology

What is HERO?

Helping Early Research in Oncology 

HERO provides emerging and established Biotech and Pharma Sponsors with a focused CRO solution and an integrated site network specializing in early phase oncology clinical studies. This unique operation model propels you through the Proof of Concept phase faster and more efficiently, placing your cancer therapy on the road to success.  Through our collaboration with HERO, Linical offer you the scale, expertise, and optimized technologies needed for your early phase oncology clinical research.

Why Should You Choose Linical's Collaboration with HERO?

Do You Have A Cancer Therapy That Shows Promise? Get On Your Way To FDA Approval Faster & Easier.

The oncology research field is getting more competitive and trial designs are increasing in complexity. The pace of novel ideas continues to accelerate with rapid advancements in technology, science, and medicine. More frequently, cancer therapies are targeting small subsets of patients with rare mutations or patients that have been treated with a very specific therapeutic regimen. We understand your job is hard, and thus through our collaboration with the HERO project we make the trial process easier. Whether you have a biomarker targeted therapy and or a combination immuno-oncology trial, Linical and HERO team up to have  you covered.

HERO is a complete service offering, dedicated solely to advancing early phase cancer clinical trials. Linical will integrate HERO site solutions to get you the patients you need, faster than ever before.  HERO utilizes automated technologies and systems, tailored to early phase oncology studies, to expedite your trial while keeping costs down. Working with the HERO team of oncology experts we customize your protocol and study design for an optimal outcome. Our goal is to get you through that critical early stage of testing and on your way to FDA approval, with the shared mission of bringing products to market that save lives.

Our collaboration with HERO is our pledge to create more fruitful relationships, deliver a higher degree of therapeutic expertise, and the opportunity to do better, more efficient cancer clinical research, benefiting patients and sponsors alike.

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What Can Linical and HERO Do For Your Cancer Therapy?

The Benefits of Working with a Specialized Cancer CRO


Oncology Site Network

Oncology Site Network

Global Reach & Cancer Expertise

Linical Accelovance's extensive oncology site network includes 250 independently owned research locations across the globe with more than 1,000 Oncologists. With access to a wide variety of specialties and expertise, we can provide both broad based feasibility and unique access to the right oncology patients your study needs.

Linical and HERO Offer:

  • Global Site Partnerships
  • Dedicated Oncology Staff
  • Access to KOLs
  • Complete oncology therapeutic area expertise, including rare disease

Get Started Faster

Get Started Faster

Faster Start-Up Times: 6-12 Weeks

Most cancer CROs average 6-9 months for early phase trial start-ups. But when time is of the essence, and every lost day can cost upwards of $1MM, we know how critical a simple, thorough, streamlined start-up is to your oncology development program. Our goal is to help expedite getting your cancer therapy on the market.

Linical and HERO Offer:

  • Pre-Negotiated Site MSAs
  • Expedited Budgets & Contracts
  • Feasibility Services
  • Study, Budget & Timeline Planning

Rapid Recruitment

Rapid Recruitment

Robust Patient Pipeline For Proactive Enrollment

With HERO's extensive array of 250+ global site partners, each year their site community reaches more than 1 million cancer patients spanning a wide range of indications. This reach, combined with Linical's CRO expertise, provides an ideal backbone and facilitates rapid activation of your clinical program.

Linical and HERO Offer:

  • Established and reliable site relationships, critical for on-time delivery and rapid patient recruitment
  • Just-in-Time patient enrollment solutions available for expediting study timelines
  • Flexibility to manage study size, trial speed, and patient access

Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey Solutions

Technology Tailored For Early Phase Cancer Research

Our novel solutions are designed to meet the unique demands of your Phase I/II oncology study. From Regulatory to Data Management, and from Monitoring to Pharmacovigilance, our solutions are cross-functional and accelerate access, ensuring data accuracy and compliance, and improving cost efficiency.

Linical and HERO Offer:

  • Feature-rich CTMS offering real-time data access and analytics hub for performance and risk management
  • Expedited EDC deployment optimized for early phase oncology
  • Pre-built eCRF and TFL library for cost reductions

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Meet The HERO™ Team

Your Dedicated Oncology Partners

Through collaboration with HERO, Linical gets you so much more than any other oncology CRO. You get true partners to guide you through the hurdles and nuances of oncology clinical research. From pre-study design, to enrolling the right patients, to oversight of you phase 1 trial for cancer, with Linical and HERO you get the industry expertise of a large CRO without the lofty price tag. Our senior management and scientific experts are is as committed to your oncology compound's success as you are, meaning we are dedicated to being there before, during, and after your trial.