Early Inclusion of Asia in Clinical Development Plans: Opportunities, Challenges and Solutions

Live Webinar
Thursday, March 11th
9:00 am EST (15:00 CET)

Conducting clinical trials in Asia can provide benefits such as a faster recruitment process, high quality equivalent data and an interesting cost scenario. Nevertheless, despite these opportunities, there are challenges related to diverse regulatory environments, infrastructure, legal issues, language and cultural hurdles.

This webinar aims to provide awareness about opportunities related to clinical trials in Asia, but also to give insight into strategies to successfully plan and manage these trials. Through an overview of the current clinical development scenario in Asia and a review of essential issues to take into account to run a clinical trial in Asia, the audience will have the opportunity to get an expert vision on how to properly plan the trials, avoid obstacles and maximize results. Our experts will also address how to access the Japanese market and the value of global project management in trials involving China.

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Linical Webinar - Clinical Development in Asia

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