Linical is a public, mid-sized Contract Research Organization (CRO) headquartered in Japan with a significant presence across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Linical provides the full spectrum of drug development services from early stage to large-scale, multinational studies. Our areas of focus include Phase I-IV studies in oncology, infectious disease, and CNS. Rather than be all things to the market, this intentional design allows us to provide our clients the right size, right reach, and right team.

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Linical was established in June 2005 by a group of entrepreneurs at a major Japanese pharmaceutical company. In accordance with the industry philosophy of contributing to new drug development and promoting the well-being of patients, Linical supports the clinical research goals of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Given the exponential globalization of large-scale pharmaceutical product development, Linical has actively expanded its activities around the world, to become the first Japanese Headquartered Global CRO capable of delivering a one-stop service for large-scale, global projects.

As part of that growth, in 2018, Linical and Accelovance merged to create a market-leading, midsized, global CRO. In 2020, the company streamlined its regional naming structure as a next step in the organization’s evolution. Linical's North American entity, previously known as Linical Accelovance America, is now doing business as Linical Americas. The name shift better aligns the organization’s North American operations under the unified Linical umbrella, as well as signals the company’s plans for further expansion within North and South America.

Linical is an award winning CRO, and has been honored as a ViE Award nominee for Best CRO by industry leaders 11 consecutive years, after being evaluated against global CROs for quality of services, performance, client satisfaction, Sponsor relationships, and the overall value brought to study Sponsors. Additionally, in 2020, Linical was named a winner of the 2020 CRO Leadership Award for Overall Compatibility servicing a combination of both large and small pharma and biotech clientele. Presented by Life Science Leader and Clinical Leader, the Awards evaluated over 60 contract research organizations on more than 20 performance metrics in ISR’s annual CRO Quality Benchmarking survey. Linical was also recently honored with the 2020 and 2021 Global Excellence Award for Most Innovative CRO by Global Health & Pharma Magazine (GHP) and Most Outstanding Contract Research Service Provider 2021 for Full-Service Drug Development in Acquisition International Magazine's Global Excellence Awards.

     CRO  Leadership Award Winner               GHP Awards Winner     ViE Award WinnerMost Outstanding CRO Acquisition International MagazineBest CRO GHP Global Excellence Awards


At Linical, we are the right sized, global CRO to deliver innovative solutions for even the most complex industry challenges. We provide our clients with the personal attention, flexibility, and reach needed for a continually evolving pharmaceutical and biotech market. We believe in supporting clients throughout their unique clinical development journey, with a shared goal of bringing promising new therapies to patients all over the world.


Linical will be the CRO of choice among the global, mid-sized CRO market. We will achieve this by continuing to expand our current geographical reach into additional parts of the world, enabling us to thoughtfully partner with our clients anywhere their clinical development endeavors take them. While strategically growing our business, we are committed to maintaining the personal, attentive service our clients, employees, and patients deserve.

Core Values

To promote the greater wellbeing of all our stakeholders — patients, business partners, shareholders, and employees — we strive constantly to offer professional, high-quality services to support all aspects of new drug development.

The Linical logo expresses our passion to pursue happiness of patients through our business activities.

    • Blue: integrity and honestyLogo-Linical_OK
    • Red: unending enthusiasm
    • Yellow: continuing spirit of inquiry

How can this level of performance from a committed CRO partner impact the journey of your next study? Reach out to us and discover the Linical difference.